Thursday, February 28, 2013

The Concrete Slab

Little progress has been made in the back yard.  I wish that was the case for my checkbook -- little spending; however, it is not like that.  Concrete is expensive and with gas prices these days, delivery fees are almost equal to the four (4) yards of concrete.  LOL. 
I decided to pour an 10' x 20' concrete slab about 4" thick.  This is a very thin slab and the reason I decided to do this was because I knew I was not going to build a structure over it - just furniture.  
The very first step was to level the area.  After you are done leveling, dig about 3" deep all along the edge.  Then, cut a 2x12 to length (or splice it) for one side and nail it to a corner stake. Make sure you level the 2x12 and nail it to the second corner stake.
Then came the mesh.  I did not use rebar because there will be no structure over the concrete or anything heavy.  It's just for patio furniture.

{Hustle time} Now comes the hard work...and work as fast as you can.  Make sure you cover your walls because the concrete splatters all over the place.  I didn't cover the walls b/c (a) I was lazy; and (b) my house needs a new paint job anyway.  Here you can see the concrete slab taking shape.  I took these pictures while the guys were running back and forth with the wheel barrow...
Here's the other side.  It still needed to be leveled with the bull float (the thing against the post). 
This is what it looks like after it's been bull floated.  Pretty awesome, IMO.
The slab is semi-smooth.  I wanted somewhat of a rough texture to it because I plan on adding saltillo tile.  By the way, this is the space where my outdoor kitchen will be installed...not anytime soon, but hopefully soon. :)
This is the other side and I plan on adding saltillo as well.  I am very happy with the results and cannot wait to add saltillo! 
Up next?  How about a pergola . . .

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Getting Started

After seven (7) years of living in this house, I decided it was time to focus on my back yard so last summer I decided to gather inspirational pictures.  This is what my yard has looked like for the pat 7 years.  I know, what a shame!

Not pretty and definitely no progress.  First things first and note to self:  start by killing the weeds!  LOL

This is the back of my house.  Nothing fancy, just your typical cookie-cutter home.  I did pay a little extra to have a covered patio installed, but you can't really see it from this picture.  The builder did not sod the back yard, but that's totally fine b/c I have HUGE plans and I want to make this area pretty and hopefully my outdoor oasis.

Next up?  A concrete slab...